The Mysterious Alcatraz Island

This site is one of several sites on the web dedicated to giving you more information about Alcatraz Island. I myself have visited Alcatraz numerous times in my lifetime and have researched it for more than four years. I find Alcatraz to be one of the most interesting places in the United States. I hope you find this site exciting and interesting. I recommend finding your way to Alcatraz for a visit.

Alcatraz has always been a place of mystery and always will be. Some mysteries lie under the landfill, some lie in the many reports filed away, but some remain in the memories and stories of the people who lived and served time there. I hope that this site gives you a taste of Alcatraz. Besides learning more about Alcatraz, I hope to give you a small piece of the mystery that lies within Alcatraz. More than knowledge, I wish to pass the curiosities of Alcatraz.